From Mr. Watson.....

April 2, 2014

Dear Parents:

We've started the final push!  With just April and May remaining, 6th grade is 
quickly coming to an end. I must say, we've had an unbelievably great year, so 
far. Here are some upcoming activities:

In Science, we are currently involved in a unit on Chemistry and Matter. Lots 
of hands-on activities to help us learn about atoms and sub-atomic particles, 
molecules, elements and matter. I will be taking the 3rd Quarter Science 
Projects over to SM West on April 26th for the annual R&D Forum. Who knows? 
Maybe there will be a few blue ribbon winners! 

In Social Studies, after we've completed our Ancient Egypt unit this week, 
we'll be moving on to the ancient civilizations of China, India, and then 
Greece and Rome. We'll be heading to the Nelson Atkins Museum on May 16th for a 
culminating look at some ancient artifacts there. 

Of course, the fourth quarter wouldn't be complete without the Kansas Reading 
and Math Assessments. I have no doubt that the students will perform well on 
these newly re-designed for 2014 assessment tests. I do ask that you ensure 
that your student has had adequate rest and a quality breakfast the day of the 
testing.I'll send home notifications for reminders of the tests.

We'll be visitors to Indian Hills Middle School on April 28th. They'll show us 
around, let the kids see some classes in action, and help the students feel 
comfortable with next year's environment. We will also have an opportunity to 
see the IHMS production of Grease on April 30th in the morning.

Third quarter progress reports went home Monday, March 31st; this group is 
having a fantastic year overall. As always, if you need to reach me, feel free 
to email me. I consider it quite a privilege to be your child's teacher.


Mr. Watson