About the Teacher

NAME: Geometry Team

SCHOOL: Ballard High School

CLASS: Mathematics

SCHOOL PHONE: 485-8206

Mr. Keswani.
I immigrated to the USA in 1978 from Sri-Lanka.
I have worked as a teacher in Jefferson County since 1986. I got lucky, I 
look forward to going to work :) Happy to have you as a student! 
Office hours: Usually in class by 7:15am and try staying until 3pm :)
eMail: Naresh.Keswani@jefferson.kyschools.us

"All Ballard graduates are college and career ready."

The JCPS Vision is: 

All JCPS students graduate prepared to reach their full potential and 
contribute to our society throughout life.

The JCPS Mission is:

To provide relevant, comprehensive, quality instruction in order to educate, 
prepare, and inspire our students to learn.