Useful Weblinks

Use the following links to help you with your work throughout the year.  Remember, the internet can be 
a fantastic resource and tool, but it's your brain that operates it and navigates you through life.  Don't 
think the internet can do work for you. 

Visit the Purdue University Online Writing Lab for many of your writing questions and needs.
MLA Formatting for Arts & Humanities

Use this website to help you with citations for papers in English class.
MLA Citation

This link takes you to Dr. Paul Reuben's website that briefly describes the elements of short fiction.  
Please know these for English class.
Elements of Short Fiction

A website to give you a complete crash course in grammar and composition.  If you have a question 
about a part of speech, subject/verb agreement, or anything else grammar related, then start here.
Guide to Grammar and Writing & Principles of Composition

Young Goodman Brown Full Text

The Minister's Black Veil