From Mrs. Cantey

Don't watch TV while attempting to do math homework.
Do put on a favorite CD or music radio station.
Don't give up until you've really tried with your whole heart.
Do call another student in the class for help.
The best way to study for math tests is to go back and rework at least one
of each type of problem in the sections being tested.
Sometimes you have to memorize a few things. So get over it.
It's better to drop a difficult course when you've tried your best and
failed three times than to stick with a course that will kill all the joy
in your life.
Don't fool yourself. Tell yourself the truth.
You are not stupid.
There are good choices and bad choices. You will make some of each.
Take responsibility for your choices. Blaming others is a waste of energy.
Don't beat yourself up, �that's the teacher's job.
Do be reliable. Let yes-mean yes.
Do review your mistakes and make a note of them so that you'll be less
likely to repeat them.
Do try to show up for school, if only to find out who is messing up today.
You are NOT stupid.
Do make realistic goals. Then try to reach them.
When you realize that you are going the wrong way, swallow your pride and
turn around.
If something isn't working, let it go.
Your best will never be good enough for many people, but your worst isn't
good enough for you.
Never choose form over substance.
Do try to write legibly. It prevents a multitude of misunderstandings
between you, your pencil and the teacher.
Don't worry so much about your grades and your class rank. It really
won't impress your grandchildren.
Be proud of your integrity, not your grades.
Do help others to learn. It's the best way to learn yourself.
Do forgive your teachers and fellow students if they wrong you. They
probably have you confused with someone else.