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This week in third grade:

We are out of Clorox wipes.  If you could donate some, it would be much 
appreciated.  Many students also need pencils.  Thanks.

Spelling:  We will have a spelling test on Friday.  Please study the guide.
Writing/English:  We will focus on pronouns this week.  

Reading:  We will be working in our Coach Books this week.  This provides 
practice in all of the reading standards for 3rd grade.

Vocabulary:  We will have a vocabulary test on Friday.  Please study the 

Math: This week we will begin a unit on Representing and Interpreting Data. 
In this unit students will learn to collect/record data, and draw scaled 
picture and bar graphs, and draw and analyze line plots. Information for a 
math Graph Project is being sent home today as well. Students may not want to 
start this project for a few days until after we have covered some of the 
data and graph information. The project is due on or before Monday, April 28, 

Science/Social Studies:  We will be working on map skills this week.

Handwriting:  We will work on cursive handwriting as time allows.

Science Fair:  Friday, May 2nd
Field Trip:  Friday, May 16th.  Information is being sent today.
Snack Day is Friday:  Mrs. Bisher:  Taylor.    Mr. Bisher:  Logan.  
Ms. Lanigan:  Rainey

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