This week in third grade:
Spelling:  Study for your spelling test on Friday. 

Writing/English:  We will work on helping verbs and writing this week.
Reading:  We will be working on comparing and contrasting and testing strategies 
this week.  We will also work on constructive responses.
Students may begin picking out their chapter book for the next reading assignment.  
This 9 week’s Reading Assignment has been sent home.  This assignment would be 
great to work on during snow days.  Note:  A TAPS form is not an option for this 
nine weeks.  Please choose one of the options on the assignment sheet.  
Vocabulary:  Study for your vocabulary test on Friday.

Math:  After a big overall unit on Multiplication and Division, we will now take a 
big shift over to Fractions. This unit will cover many concepts over several 
weeks. Students will be receiving their Volume 2 workbook that covers this unit as 
well as a few other units. Please make sure to hold on to the Volume 1 workbook, 
as students will also be doing more multiplication and divsion work in this 
workbook. Look for the Fraction Math Newsletter later this week to see more 
information about concepts and vocabulary for this unit. Thanks!
Science/Social Studies:  We will finish Chapter 5 in science, Earth Features.  We 
will have a test on Friday.  A study guide has been sent.
Handwriting:  We will work on cursive handwriting as time allows.

SNACK DAY IS FRIDAY EACH WEEK!  Mrs. Bisher’s Class (24) - Alexys Plowman,  Mr. 
Bisher’s Class (23) - Brennan, Ms. Lanigan (23) - Yandel
Parent Conferences will be Feb. 12th.  We will only be meeting with those who are 
having difficulty and/or very low grades.
Valentine Snack Money ($2.00)- due Feb. 6th.
Valentine lists have been sent.
Snow Days:  If we have multiple snow days, please work on your Book Projects and 
Math facts.  You may also want to work on our suggested websites if you have 
Internet Access.  Lastly, we have sent our Valentine Lists this week.  This is 
another great Snow Day 

Mrs. Bisher:                                             
Mr. Bisher:                                             
Ms. Lanigan: