This week in third grade:

Spelling:  Study for your spelling test this week.  The words are listed on the 
study guide.  This will be our last spelling test this semester.

Writing/English:  We will continue to work on verbs this week and review previous 
Reading:  We will finish our MAP testing and work on our Common Assessments this 
week.  Book Talks are this week and begin Wednesday.  Check the back of this 
newsletter to see when you will present.  Don’t forget to go over the scoring 
rubric as your child practices his/her book talk!  You may want to check out this 
example from youtube:​ 
If you have need another assignment form, please click on the Reading tab on 
TeacherWeb or ask for another copy at school.  Thanks.
Vocabulary:  Final semester vocabulary test this week.  A study guide has been 

Math:  We will continue our unit on Understanding Division.  There will be no 
homework this week.  Keep working nightly to master the multiplication facts, as 
these will help students tremendously with understanding division facts!  Options 
include: - FACT MASTER, 3-Corner Flashcards, and 
Multiplication Rap listening CD.  Review addition and subtraction skills as well.

Science/Social Studies:  We will continue learning about map skills. Don’t forget 
your cardboard and dough that is due Wednesday.  

Handwriting:  We will work on cursive handwriting as time allows.


SNACK DAY IS FRIDAY EACH WEEK!  Mrs. Bisher’s Class (24) - Alexys Patrick,  Mr. 
Bisher’s Class (23) - Lauren, Ms. Lanigan (23) - Gabriel 

Christmas Play Dress Rehearsal:  Need Costumes, but not open to the public:  Dec. 

Christmas Performance for the Public:  Dec. 17:  Information has been sent.

Christmas Breakfast Party: Dec. 19th at 9:00.  Information has been sent.  Third 
Grade does not exchange gifts.

Mrs. Bisher:                                             
Mr. Bisher:                                             
Ms. Lanigan: