Renaissance Crossword

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1. used to show the body contours through clothing

5. the first Renaissance man

6. symbol for standing on holy ground

10. The artist makes the artwork look the way he/she WANTS it to look

12. a failure for Leonardo because of his mixture of oil and water

14. a method of painting with pigment and limewater into wet plaster

16. Rebirth of the Greek classic art

17. virgin Mary with Christ child

18. a system of pictures and images to tell people Bible stories in the paintings

21. paid the best money for art

23. City that was the birthplace of the Renaissance

24. wearing this color means you are holy

25. slow drying invention that enabled artists to do more modeling to show depth in paintings


2. the gentle painter

3. because of the Greek's fascination with the human body, they used this in their sculpture quite a bit

4. natural stance of the body

7. The artwork accurately resembles life

8. this shape stood for the holy trinity

9. Title of the ceiling painting in the Sistine chapel

11. an artistic invention of the Renaissance that showed all lines going to a vanishing point

13. Mary grieving over the body of Christ; only work Michelangelo ever signed

15. used before oil paint, it dried very quickly and was permanent

19. there was a figure in every stone and it was his job to free it

20. Did the first freestanding nude of the Renaissance

22. The "Sistine Madonna" was the first one done on this


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