AP Students!! 2017-18 School Year
There was not a summer assignment to turn in for a grade. However, you need 
to be prepared to take a nomenclature test on on the second day of class 
(only resource you may use is a periodic table that has only element symbols, 
no names. You are expected to have memorized the polyatomic list on this 
website) and a test over solutions/solubility and chemistry I topics on the 
fourth day of class Any questions related to this material should be brought 
to class for review and discussion following the nomenclature test. No other 
time in class will be spent on these topics.

If you have not already sent me an email to join the AP Chemistry notes 
dropbox folder, you may do so before school starts or give me your email 
address on the first day of school. 

There is extra practice under the Handouts/Practice for AP Chem. I will also 
upload problems to the dropbox folder for you to practice. The Crash Course 
and Bozeman Science video series are very good as well for reviewing not only 
the material on solutions, but also on Chemistry I topics. 

I highly encourage you to get a AP review book as well. I tend to like the 5 
Steps to a 5 over the others, but it is a matter of preference. They are good 
for getting you used to AP style questions (all quizzes and tests use this 

There are some practice quizzes online here:

Great video resources for additional help:

Georgia Public Broadcasting

Khan Acadamy

Great print resources that make good additional supplements:

Cliffs Study Solver: Chemistry
By Charles Henrickson
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7419-1

Practice Makes Perfect: Chemistry
By Heather R. Hattori and Marian L. DeWane
ISBN: 978-0-07-1745549-9