Using This Website

This website will have the tools that you need to be successful this year in 
science!  If you are just starting out, or if you need a reminder, this 
section will give you help on where to find certain information you may 
need.  The most important thing to remember is to make sure you're looking 
for information under the particular class that you are in.

1. Where can I find out what the current homework assignment is?
-The current unit calendar, which includes all homework assignments, 
projects, and dates of tests and quizzes can be found under the tab labeled 
UNIT CALENDAR.  Make sure you are choosing the appropriate course (AP
Chemistry, MST Chemistry).

2. Where can I find handouts or homework assignments?
-All CHEMISTRY (for both AP and MST) handouts and homework 
assignments (with the exception of labs) can be found under the 

3. Where can I find lab assignments?
- All MST CHEMISTRY labs can be found under the LABS - CHEMISTRY I tab.  All
AP CHEMISTRY labs can be found under the LABS - AP CHEMISTRY tab.

4. Where can I find class notes?
- All CHEMISTRY (for both AP and MST) notes are found under the NOTES -

Most notes are in Powerpoint format.  However, some are in Windows Journal 
format.  If you do not have the Windows Journal program, you can download a 
Windows Journal viewer for free from Microsoft's website.  Go to the LINKS 
tab to find a link to the download.

5. What if I missed a day or am still having trouble understanding a concept, 
is there extra help on the site?
-Yes! Under the HANDOUTS/HOMEWORK tab you can find extra practice problems 
with answers so that you can get additional practice.

Also, there are videos under either the CHEMISTRY TUTORIAL VIDEOS tab which 
address certain topics with which you may need additional help.