Art 2


Attention Parents:  The work that we do in art is done primarily in class.  When your child is absent from school and misses class, regardless if the absence is excused or not, he or she misses valuable time to work in class.  Please help your child succeed by ensuring that he or she is in school.  Thank you.

Current Project:

Cardboard Cutout - Students paint a piece of cardboard and then draw a high-contrast black and white design on it. They then use knives to cut out and remove the top layer of the cardboard to reveal the inside corregated layer to create contrast and to reveal the image.

Self-Portrait Collage:

Students, using a digitally altered photo of themselves, apply a collage material of their choosing to create a self-portrait.

Cardboard Vessel / Sculpture:

Students stack random shapes of cardboard and glue them together to create a basket / vessel, abstract / non-objective, or sculptural form that meets a minimum height requirement of 2 feet tall.