Supply List

It is not required that students purchase materials for the various 
art classes that they take at G.C.H.S. but I recommend that students 
begin early on to build a set of materials and resources that will 
help them with their classes.  Listed below are common tools and 
supplies that students may want to have available at home in order to 
further their work outside of class.  Keep in mind also that art 
supplies can be expensive.  There are always cheaper alternatives to 
going to a specialty store so look around before spending a lot of 
money on supplies.

Graphite pencils (standard #2 lead pencils are better than mechanical pencils)
Drawing tools (a ruler, protractor, compass, etc.)
A sketchbook
A variety of types of paper (construction, tracing, watercolor, etc.)
Pastels (chalk and oil)
Colored Pencils
Paint (watercolors are good for quick sketches)
A variety of burshes with different types of bristles
A folder or tube to transport artwork to and from school
A drawing board (anything that has a flat, smooth surface)
A box to store their materials in (a small plastic tote will do fine)
Markers (thick and thin as well as Sharpie permanent markers)