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All orders for Caps and Gowns must be in Balfour's office. Price increase goes into effect February, 1, 2012

Study Island is now available to GCHS students. This program is built around the Kentucky Standards Mastery and KCCT Preparation Program is specifically designed to help students master the content specified in the Kentucky Core Content. Study Island's focus on the Kentucky Core Content enables students to improve their performance in all skill areas tested on the KCCT Test. Students will be introduced to the program in the coming weeks. The program is web based allowing students to hone their skills from any computer. The program is user friendly and we encourage parents to view with their students to determine how they can best use it to their advantage.


The mission of Greenup County High School is to provide all students with a dynamic, quality education in partnership with families and communities to empower students to excel in a global society.

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Mid- Term Report Cards Will Be Issued Friday, February 3, 2012
Sue Davis
Message from the Principal

*Welcome back, I sincerely hope everyone had a joyous an happy holiday. It is now time to get back to the “grindstone”. We will begin the second round of MAP testing Monday, January 9th. This will allow us to assess each student’s progress in English, reading, math and science to help with our teaching strategies.
We have begun a new initiative to encourage student attendance; if they are not present they cannot learn! We are asking that you take a few minutes to review the attendance policies with your children and encourage them to come to school.
Attendance Policy
Greenup County High School
1. Excused Absence- an absence for which work may be made up
a. Illness of pupil
b. Religious holidays and practices
c. College visits (3 days, seniors only)
d. Head Lice (3 days per year)
e. State Fair (1 day per year)
f. Military leave
g. One day prior to the departure of parent or guardian for active military duty
h. One day upon the return of parent or guardian for active military duty
i. Other valid reasons approved by the Principal such as educational enhancement opportunities.
j. Death or severe illness in the pupil’s immediate family

Parent Notes- No more then 5 parent notes per year are permitted. Anymore then five absences require a doctors note, which must be submitted within 3 days to be excused.
** All excuses need to be turned in to the Attendance Office directly and not to a teacher.
2. Unexcused absences
Any absences beyond the five parent notes, not excused by a doctor’s note or some other emergency absence extension.
Truant- any student with two or more unexcused absences
Habitual Truant- Any students with six or more unexcused absences. Students with six or more unexcused absences will have charges filed on them by the truancy officer for the district.
Our new math labs should be up and running within the next week, this will give students more hands on review of basic concepts.
We are continuing our focus on reading with the Read Right Program; it has been heartwarming to see so much progress.

We are pleased and excited to announce that our school is starting a new reading program called Read Right to selected students. Read Right is a new approach to teaching reading that enables students with reading problems to eliminate their reading problems in a relatively short amount of time. It has shown exceptional results in other schools where it has been used. Other projects are underway or complete in more than 44 states. In addition to their school projects, Read Right Systems has conducted more than eighty successful workforce projects in corporations.

**We are pleased to announce that GCHS is providing our students access to a premier ACT prep program. This program was presented to the faculty this week and students will be introduced to it in the coming week. Data indicates that if students are willing to commit to as little as 10 hours of dedicated study they can significantly increase their scores. The program is designed to point out a student’s weakest skill areas and then help the student review those areas.
We encourage parents to log on with their children and preview the site. There is a link on on the left called ACT Test Prep


New Feature

We have added a new link, on our webpage "Athletics" currently we have the September events and gym schedule loaded. Check it out!


The No Pass/No Drive law states that students ages 16 and 17 must continually earn their driving privileges by staying in school. The law addresses attendance and academics. According to KRS 159.051 students can lose their driver’s licenses, intermediate licenses, or learner’s permit if they have nine or more unexcused absences from school, or if they drop out altogether. Students also must pass at least five classes each semester to meet the requirement of the law. The school is required to report those individuals not meeting the requirements to the Transportation Department at which time driving privileges will be revoked. Students may re-apply upon successfully completing one semester of school according to the law’s requirements.

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