Computer lab 3-6


Computer lab 12.5

long division game

long division with help. Click on white sheet to start.

Long division online practice

Long division practice

Long division game

Computer Lab 11.7

Metric quiz

Metric Quiz 2

chemical or physical change quiz

chemical and physical changes quiz 2

Decimal Jeopardy

Powers of 10

Computer Lab 10.17

writing expressions quiz

writing expressions practice 

writing expressions word problems

multiplication two-digit numbers game

multiplication two-digit numbers

10.3 Computer Lab

Let's Go Shopping Activity. You may ONLY use the three websites that are listed on your paper.

9.26 Computer Lab
Today you may review any game from other lab times. Please keep in mind what YOU need to work on. You need to spend time on topics you are still not confident in. 

9.19 Computer lab

Multiplying Decimals 

Multiplying Decimals 

Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying Decimals 

Review all operations with base 10 models

9.12 Computer Lab 

Adding Decimals

Subtracting Decimals

Rounding Decimals 

Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Adding and Subtracting Decimals Quiz

Adding and Subtracting word problems

8.29 Computer Lab

Comparing decimals and fractions

Expanded Form

Rounding Decimal Numbers

Expanded Form

Ordering Decimals

8.24 Metric Systems