About Us


The primary objective and purpose of BCA is to train the student in the 
knowledge of God and the Christian way of life through a program of academic 
excellence.  Our doctrinal beliefs are based on the Bible, the authoritative 
and infallible Word of God.

As Christian educators, we realize the solemn responsibility before God in 
molding the life and character of each student and to equip the student with 
the knowledge and skills to successfully accomplish the will of God in 
his/her life.  Our goal is the development of individuals who are 
knowledgeable and of sound character, able to make decisions for themselves, 
and function as free members of a free society.


Boutte Christian Academy operates as a state-approved non-public school under 
the authority of the Louisiana Department of Education in PreKindergarten 
through Seventh Grade. BCA is also a member of the Louisiana Chapter of the 
Association of Christian Teachers and Schools(ACTS).

Boutte Christian Academy Preschool and "The River" operate as a Class "A" 
Preschool, Before/After School Program, and Summer Program under the 
authority of the Louisiana Department of Social Services, Child Care 
Division, and is a member of the Louisiana Chapter of the National Child Care 
Association (CCAL).


Boutte Christian Academy (BCA) is a ministry of our sponsoring church, Life 
Church (formerly Boutte Assembly of God).  BCA was founded in 1980 as a 
Mother's Day Out Program and has grown over the years into a Class "A" Child 
Care Center and State-Approved Elementary School (PreK-8th Grade) with an 
enrollment of over 275 students.


In the spirit of Christian unity and the love that Christ shows for all 
mankind, Boutte Christian Academy re-affirms its non-discriminatory policy on 
the basis of race, sex, color, national and ethnic origin in its educational 
programs, activities and employment policies in accordance with the state 
court case of Brumfield vs. Dodd.
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