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1. A sense of Christian community - Boutte Christian Academy staff and 
students work for a genuine atmosphere of Christian concern, seeking to make 
BCA a place where all will experience love for one another.

2.  Respect for the uniqueness of the individual - Realizing that God Himself 
places supreme value on the individual so much that He gave His only son, 
Jesus, for each one - we at Boutte Christian Academy regard each student as 
unique and precious.

3.  An emphasis on sacred Scriptures - BCA presents the Bible, God's Word, as 
the only reliable and true revelation of God's nature and His redeeming 
purpose and will for mankind.  We provide an atmosphere for the memorization 
of Scripture and the understanding of Christian faith and values.

4.  The habit of prayer - We believe that communion with God is essential to 
sustaining Christian life.  We provide a daily atmosphere of prayerfulness 
and praise.

5.  An emphasis on discipline and self-control - We stress high moral 
standards and respect for authority.  Teachers control classes with love and 
authority.  Each student's conduct should be brought into harmony with the 
principles of God's Word, the Bible.  Given understanding and guidance, 
student should develop control from within.

6.  A patriotic atmosphere - We strive to develop within each student a 
sense of pride in America, and to train and prepare each one to make worthy 
contributuions in the home and community.

7.  A strong academic curriculum - BCA offers students a high-quality 
education from a professional staff using a strong academic curriculum, which 
centers on the development of the complete individual.

8.  Parental involvement - Parents are the primary educators of their 
children.  It is one of our highest priorities to assist parents in the 
strengthening of their family through the ministry of BCA.
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