I know many of you did not finish reading Ch. 1 in Unspun.  I have scanned all of Ch. 1 into a Word Doc and uploaded it to Handouts.  Please read this document.  You do not need to print this out; just read it and create five questions with your paraphrased answers. 

Read over the PowerPoint on Handouts called "When the Animals Rebel--Russian Revolution" This will prepare you for
notes during next class. (4/8) (4/9)


Refill your binder with loose-leaf paper, re-stock your pens, and get ready for a new semester!  Learn from the past and look to the future.  You are done "transitioning" from middle school.  You know what is expected of you.  Now is the time to put your best foot forward.  

Parents & Students:
If you find a mistake or have a question about a grade on 
JPAMS, please email me.  I will update my JPAMS grades once a week. 
Please encourage your student to continue to keep up with his or her grades on the 
point sheet provided in class.