The results are in for the winners of the T-3 VMAs!
Most Aesthetic: DJ Pon3
Best Lyrics: Sirens
Over-all Awesomest Video: Squinting Camels
Everyone did a great job.  You are all winners.
Award recipients will receive their respective awards in class.  Please, no speeches.

I have decided to not include
Animal Farm and Unspun on the Final.  

Your Final will consist of
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Romeo & Juliet.
Check out the helpful Handouts and lovely Links. 

Parents & Students:
If you find a mistake or have a question about a grade on 
JPAMS, please email me.  I will update my JPAMS grades once a week. 
Please encourage your student to continue to keep up with his or her grades on the 
point sheet provided in class.