Cochlear Implant 101

I recently conducted an in-service on cochlear implants for teachers in a St. Tammany Parish School.

Kids Explanation!
Med El has wonderful child-oriented presentations on: "How Hearing Works" "About Hearing Loss" "How Well Do You Hear?" "What is a CI?" "How to Get a CI" "What is Life Like with a CI"

Please see Phonak's site for answers to all of your questions about hearing aids, your child's hearing, pediatric awareness, & FM transmitters.

What does it sound like?
Click here to hear examples of what children with Cochlear Implants hear when compared to normal speech.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Basic Q & A about Cochlear Implants

Helpful Information from Advanced Bionics in "Tools for Schools"
Audiogram of Familiar Sounds
Becoming Familiar with Cochlear Implants
Cochlear Implants in the Classroom
Static Electricity and Cochlear Implants
Tips for Teaching Reference Card