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CHS English Department

Links below are provided for teachers who have current websites.

Teacher Websites

All teachers can be emailed by accessing the CHS Faculty Web Page.
Covington High Faculty Directory

Mrs. Becker teaches English III, English III (Honors), and English IV.
Scott Becker

Ms. Buckley teaches English IV and English IV (Honors).
Mary Beth Buckley

Mrs. Gomez teaches English I and US History.
Stephanie Gomez

Mrs. Huval teaches English II (honors) and English III (AP).
Nici Huval

Ms. Jackson teaches predominantly math but will also teach the Mythology 
(elective) course. If you do not see Mythology information on her website, 
you are able to email her from her TeacherWeb page.

Hannah Jackson

Mrs. Lee teaches English I and Senior Applications.
Jessica Lee

Mrs. Mercante teaches C4 News (Broadcasting Journalism) and English II.  
Lindsey Mercante

Mrs. Ochoa teaches English II and is one of the sponsors for 
National Honor Society.
Julie Ochoa

Mrs. Overmier teaches English I and English III.
Lynne Overmier

Mrs. Roberts teaches English II (Honors) and English III.
Kelly Roberts

Mrs. Rogers teaches English I, II, III, and IV Gifted English.
Cassandra Rogers

Mrs. Stewart teaches English I and sponsors FCA.
Heather Stewart

Mrs. Walters teaches English I and English I (Honors).
Sarah Walters

Ms. Wood teaches Dual Enrollment English 101 and 102.
Stella Wood

The following teacher does not have a TeacherWeb page, but you can access 
her email addresses by visiting the CHS Faculty page and clicking her 
email link for ease of contact and communication.

Susan Bankston, English II and III Resource