Cypress Cove Elementary Music Department:

      Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 school year and to another wonderful year of making music at Cypress Cove!   

      Music is such an important part of our everyday lives and I hope to instill a love of music in your child. Additionally, music connects to all areas of the school curriculum and studies have shown that students who have instruction in the Arts consistently score higher on academic assessments throughout their school career.
     All students K - first grade come to music class once a week for a 30 or a 40 minute class time. I strive to include many activities during each lesson which will enhance your child's musical experiences. I also encourage the children to seek out musical experiences at home with you, the parent or guardian. 

      A typical lesson will encompass tuneful singing (learning how to produce a pleasing tone), rhythmic and beat practice through speech and movement instruction as well as learning correct technique for playing a variety of classroom instruments. In addition, I will also be incorporating listening lessons to expose children to the history of music. Children at CCE will learn about the instruments of the orchestra and also about composers and how they influenced the music that we currently listen to. In addition, we'll cover music and composers / musicians from our own state of Louisiana. When you think about it, virtually every genre of music is composed or performed in Louisiana so I want to encourage our students to appreciate the music and the culture they are exposed to everyday.
      You can help your child by asking them to share with you what they have been learning about in Music class and by discussing musical ideas and providing musical experiences outside of school such as going to a concert in the park or listening to a variety of music genres at home.
       Reinforcing good conduct in the music class is very important to me so if your son or daughter tells you he or she was the Music Champ, this means they were observed doing excellent work in Music class.  All first grade CCE students receive Music Champ Awards and can earn Golden Tickets during the year. Kindergarten students can earn Golden Tickets in music class as well.
     As always, if your child sings the school song , "Three Cheers for Cypress Cove" or if they teach you
anything they have learned in class they can earn a Golden Ticket. Just simply email or send a note.

      Lastly, all students perform on the stage at some point in the year. You may check with your child's teacher periodically for information relating to those performances. 

                If ever you need to contact me, please feel free to email or call the school at your convenience!

        Thank You! 
        Mrs. Carol Cline
        Music Teacher
        Cypress Cove Elementary