Mrs. Diaz's Newsletter
    May 8th-12th



    This Week….

    Reading: Sand Castle in hardback reader

    Skill: Compare and Contrast

    Vocabulary: tomorrow, toppled, toward, welcoming, wreck, bucket, build, building, circle, frozen, grew, leave, protect, rinse & structures

    Phonics: Variant Diphthong /oi/ spelled oi & oy: joy, coin, boy, spoil, toy, join, dawn, cause, toward & circle

    Writing: Story

    Grammar: Combining Sentences

    Math: End of Unit Review and Test








    The following assignments are in the red reading folder:

    · Practice reading fluently Unit 6.5 vocabulary words

    · Try and beat your time reading Fox Words

    · Read Roy's Rich Soil 

    ***Please initial the story when your child can read the story fluently.


    ***Please read the weekly stories to your child each day if he or she is having difficulty reading them on their own. Thank you!


    Updates & Reminders….

    · Thursday, May 11th is our Filed Trip to Lynn Meadows. Please send in permissions slips and money if your child will be attending.

    · Friday, May 12th is the last Voyager Snack.

    · Monday, May 15th July birthday celebrations in cafeteria.

    · Tuesday, May 23rd is a 1/2 day for students. Last day of school!

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or send a note.

    Your partner in education,

    Mrs. Diaz

     Please send in LUNCH MONEY on Mondays. Please put you child’s name, lunch number, my name, and the amount on the envelope. If you would like to pay for student fee, lunch, fieldtrips, etc. please go to Payment Plus at
    • Please wear tennis shoes for PE on Tuesday and Friday.

    Please send in a healthy snack each day. You may also send in water or juice for your child to drink. Remember we have a nut free environment.

    • Transportation If you have any changes in transportation you must put it in writing and send it to school in your child’s take-home folder.

     Birthday’s – If you would like to send in cupcakes for your child’s birthday that would be wonderful! We have 20 students. We will celebrate birthdays at 3:00. Please do not send in invitations unless you have one for all students or all girls or all boys. If you wish to invite one or two students please mail the invitation to the student’s home.