Water Day Reading Celebration

Friday at 10:30


2. Swimsuit (boys need swim shirt & girls need cover up)

3. Water Shoes

BRING: 1. Dry shoes, socks, undies & change of clothes 

2.Towel (LABEL) 3. Bag for wet clothes
4.  Labeled bottle of water


We will identify parts of an insect; sort insects and non insects; and describe insects.
Blends: We will introduce blends this week. (br, tr, st, pl, bl, sn, dr)

3D Shapes- Students should be able to identify cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, sphere, cone and pyramid from previous lessons. We will discuss each shape in detail. Ex: Does the shape slide, roll or stack? Does the shape have corners and sides? How many?
We will also begin finding the 3D shapes with real world objects.