PTA Board Positions

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The Cypress Cove PTA provides the most benefits to students when everyone- parents, teachers, and students-work together as a community. There are many opportunities for everyone. If you have one hour a year, one hour a week, or one hour a day, there are numerous ways you can help make the students’ experience the very best it can be. Your talents, suggestions, and contacts are welcome! Please email us for more information at

The following descriptions offer an overview of our executive board and committees.




PRESIDENT: Presides over all school PTA meetings, oversees the functioning of the Board, and serves as liaison with the principal. Represents the school at various events and meetings. Assists with developing a PTA budget. Presides over all monthly PTA meetings. Channels information from the State and National PTA to ensure membership is informed and focused on the PTA mission. Assembles an effective PTA team, one that can accomplish things. President may also attend district educational meetings as a representative of Cypress Cove. The president is an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

VICE-PRESIDENT: The vice-president shall perform the duties of president in the absence or inability of that officer to serve, and shall assist the president when called upon. The VP assists the president with various projects and communications, works with the principal to determine areas where PTA can contribute to the school with major purchases. Seeks to gather ideas from parents, faculty, and board members regarding project opportunities. Responsible for conducting monthly meetings in the absence of the President.

VICE-PRESIDENT MEMBERSHIP: Organizes the school’s PTA Membership Drive with the goal of attaining a 100% membership rate. It is hoped that all families will join the PTA since the minimal dues support the local, state, and national PTAs. Solicits membership through distributing information and setting up “Membership Tables” at school functions. Distributes membership cards and maintains membership log.

SECRETARY: Takes minutes at Board meetings, then types and distributes copies. Assists other officers with duties as needed. Attends and keeps minutes at all meetings. May be asked to assist with composing/typing outgoing mail. Files and keeps copies of all minutes, correspondence, committee reports, newsletters, meeting notices, etc.

TREASURER: Collects, counts, and deposits PTA monies, writes PTA checks, maintains books, keeps the ledger, prepares monthly budget for presentation at meetings. Keeps accurate financial records of all funds received and disbursed. Submits a written monthly budget report at each PTA meeting. Deposits funds received promptly into the PTA bank account. Pays by check only, all financial obligations of PTA, as authorized by the Board. Preserves all vouchers, receipts, bank statements, canceled checks, etc. to be submitted to the end of year audit committee, or to the Board or general membership, upon request.


2K FUN RUN: This is an annual spring event which includes a 2K run/walk, activities for the children, raffles, food. The chair will be responsible for organizing a committee of helpers, along with planning all activites, gathering donations of raffle prizes and food, etc.

BUTTONS: Is responsible for ordering supplies and creating birthday buttons on the PTA's button machine for over 750 students and staff. This is a great way to be involved with the convenience of working from home.

COPY ROOM: Working a few days a week in the copy room making all of the teachers copies, and various other items they need. You will become a favorite among teachers!

CULTURAL ARTS: The Arts are an integral part of education. Dance, theater, voice, playing an instrument, story telling, visual arts creation, writing and photography - all help a child build self-esteem and add joy to his or her learning experience. Each year, this committee helps coordinate the National PTA "Reflections" Program, My Louisiana essay contest, and Safety Poster contest. Volunteers help to: 1) promote the program; 2) coordinate printing of entry materials; 3) recruit individuals to judge student entries; 4) collect entries and prepare for judging; 5) provide recognition of all entrants with a reception, awards and follow-up publicity and; 6) follow up on any and all entries that advance in the competition. The chairperson is responsible for obtaining official competition information from the state PTA as well as organizing volunteers to help with the above.

FUNDRAISING: One of the most obvious ways CCE's PTA can help the school is through fundraisers that allow us to continue current programs like purchasing additional school supplies/computers not funded by the state or beautification of the school, and create new programs like teacher mini-grants. This committee chair is responsible for executing the major fundraiser chosen by the board, which includes getting order packets home to parents, collecting orders/money, coordinating with the fundraising host to fill orders, coordinating with the school to receive and disburse orders, and provide a general assessment of the fundraiser to the board. This job is intensive, but only for a short period of time. Help is always welcome on this committee!

HOSPITALITY: Hospitality arranges the Back to School breakfast/luncheon, the teacher Christmas luncheon, Staff Appreciation luncheons, among other activities at school. Volunteers are needed to help with the planning and organizing of all Hospitality events.

LEGISLATION: The legislative committee is responsible for keeping the membership informed of legislative issues affecting our children at school. They are to attend monthly Cypress Cove PTA board meetings as well as St. Tammany Parish School Board scheduled meetings.

NEWSLETTER: The newsletter committee's primary responsibility is to serve as editor of the PTA Newsletter and to coordinate all aspects of newsletter production. The committee is also responsible for maintaining and updating the PTA bulletin board at school in conjunction with the publicity committee.

NOMINATING: This committee of at least three members is elected at the PTA general membership meeting in February. The Nominating committee selects one eligible person for each officer to be filled and reports at the general meeting in April. Elections are held in May.

RESTAURANT NIGHTS: This committee will be organizing several evenings throughout the school year when we can eat in or take out food from restaurants who in turn give a percentage of their revenues from those evenings to the school. Chair is publicizing these nights via the newsletter and notes home. Dates for the entire school year are normally set up as soon as school begins.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Many companies offer pre-packaged school supplies that can be purchased at the end of one school year for the next school year. This is a service the PTA provides to parents. The school supplies are then delivered to the student’s classroom for the first day of school. The School Supplies committee is responsible for researching companies that offer these school packs and reporting their findings to the PTA for a decision. They are then responsible for obtaining the school supply lists for each grade from the school, contracting with the company to provide the supplies, the distribution of order forms to the parents, the collecting of orders and money and ultimately distributing the supplies in the fall.

SNACK: The PTA offers snack to the students of CCE on some Fridays of the school year. You will be responsible for purchasing popsicles and/or popcorn supplies, popping the popcorn, distribution of snack to teachers. Snack is usually 1 times a month.

TEACHER MINI-GRANTS: The purpose of this program is to provide financial support for teachers seeking to introduce innovative and creative projects in their classroom. The PTA allocates $1,200.00 to fund four projects up to $300.00 each. The funded projects will be implemented during the current school year. Interested teachers are required to complete applications detailing the scope of the project, as well as a timetable for implementation, and a budget. The chairperson will prepare applications, oversee distribution, coordinate the committee who will select the receipents, distribute awards, and promote this program to our parents and teachers.

WEBSITE: The website coordinator is responsible for maintaining the website and all information and updates of the PTA.