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** Important Dates

May 23- end of the 4th 9 weeks; 1/2 day for students

May 26- Report cards mailed home

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Tests and Quizzes

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Curriculum Corner

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--> Reminder! ALL Reading tests are OPEN BOOK. Students have their book with them the entire time they are taking the test. Please help me emphasize the importance of looking back in the book to find the answers and review/reread the story with your child nightly!

--> Grammar tests will scaffold, or build upon prior lessons and material taught. Each week, grammar tests will contain content and skills the students have already been tested on. These are skills that should not be strictly memorize, but actually retained and applied throughout the year.

--> Grammar expectations for SECOND GRADE sentences

  • All sentences must begin with a capital letter.
  • All sentences must end with a punctuation mark.
  • All sentences must have a subject.
  • All sentences must have a predicate.
  • All sentences must be at least 5 words.

--> Please complete any unfinished classwork your child brings home in their STAR binder. These papers are great to use as reviews and reinforcing the day's lessons and material covered.

--> Spelling dictation sentences are cumulative. meaning, they include old unit spelling words as well as grammar concepts covered throughout the year. Please continue to review old words and grammar concepts with your child.

--> In second grade, we learn the “Read Draw Write” strategy to solve math word problems. This strategy requires students to:

  • Read the problem twice
  • Circle the question
  • Underline the facts
  • Quick draw a picture to help them solve
  • Write a number sentence
  • Write the answer correctly

On math tests and quizzes each word problem is worth 6 points, one point for each step of the “Read Draw Write” strategy. This means that even if your child arrives at the wrong answer, he or she could still earn 5 points for a word problem if the answer includes the first 5 components of the strategy. Please continue to review this strategy with your child!


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