May 8, 2017

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May 8, 2017


In Reading this week, we will finish the novel, The Stories Julian Tells. We will read CHAPTERS 5-6.  


Our vocabulary words this week are…

Fasten- to attach or join


Method – a way of doing something


Pliers- a tool used for holding small objects or for bending and cutting wire


Unusual – not normal


Mastodon - a type of animal that was related to the mammoth and that lived in ancient times


Squawked- to utter a harsh, abrupt scream

Garage- a shelter where automotive vehicles or belongings are kept

Jerked- a sudden sharp movement

Heavily- done in a way that is tugging or dragging

Block- an area of land surrounded by four streets in a city


In Grammar this week, we will continue to review.  


Our Spelling words this week are...

One              Eleven          Two              Twelve           Twenty         Three           Thirteen       Thirty

Four             Forty           Fifteen         Fifty              Seven           Eight            Hundred



*An overwhelming majority of the class did extremely poor on the spelling test from last week. Even though I have not assigned homework, student still need to study for their tests.


In Math, we will continue to review.


In Science, we will review matter.


Announcements: (PLEASE READ)


Tuesday, May 9th - Fine Arts Night


*Thursday, May 22nd – PBIS Bash



As the end of the year draws near, please help me with encouraging students to stay focused and finish strong. We are still learning and testing. Grades have definitely started to drop.


* Graded paper folders will go home Thursday.     


Popcorn Fridays: We will sell popcorn on Fridays for $.50 as a school fundraiser.


Class Donation Needs: pencils


May 19th is the last full day of school.  All make-up work must be completed by Monday, May 16th.


This week’s Tests

       Thursday spelling, grammar

       Friday reading, math


*Students should be reading 87 wpm. Please continue to read nightly. Reading fluency significantly affects academic success.***


If any unfinished work comes home in your child’s STAR binder, please have your child complete it at home and return it to school.

I sent home each student’s username and password to access the online math resources available to you.  These resources include access to the math text book, homework sheets, practice games, short videos explaining each math skill, reteaching activities for students struggling with a skill, a homework helper, Math At Home letter, Student Glossary of terms, virtual manipulatives, songs to remember skills, and extra practice. Please log in and explore these helpful resources.


***Reading tests are OPEN BOOK. The students have the book with them the whole time they are taking the test. If you do not like your child’s reading test grade, please help me as I stress to the students that they need to go back to the book and find the answers. THEY DON’T LIKE TO DO THAT.


*If you child brings home work in his or her STAR folder that is not complete, please have him/her finish it for homework and return it the next day.


Don’t forget to go to my website and sign up for NewsFlash. This will allow you to receive reminders/announcements via email or text.


**It is very important that children not miss school. We have lots to teach and they have lots to learn. I cannot teach them when they are not here.


*** On Mondays, Students write their vocabulary words and definitions in their Vocabulary Notebook and their spelling words in their planner.


All written homework is to be done in your child’s homework notebook unless the directions say to do otherwise. The notebook/homework is to be turned in by Friday to be checked. If the notebook is forgotten at school, your child may complete the assignment on loose leaf paper.


*In second grade, the teachers do not check backpacks or collect STAR folder. Therefore, please let your child know if you have placed a note or something for me in his/her binder or backpack so they can give it to me when I ask.


*We practice each week’s language skill daily. When an assignment is completed and I have checked it, I instruct students to mark it (KAH) and put the assignment in their STAR folder. This will allow you to see specifically what the skills are so you may help your child if he/she is struggling.


*Each day I send home the math practice pages we do in class. If your child does not finish them in class, he or she should finish them at home.