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             3rd Grade

Have an exciting, restful, playful, and absolutely wonderful summer, new fourth graders!  You rocked third grade!  I am so proud of you!!!  I will miss you ALL!  :)

I sent home a paper that has access to our textbooks online.  It has your child's username and password written in purple. 

When purchasing your school supplies, please do not purchase mechanical pencils.  We will only be using yellow #2 pencils. THANK YOU!



Mathfractions,  we have also begun data and graphing, and geometry- test Friday; multiplying, dividing- PLEASE CONTINUE TO STUDY MULTIPLICATION FACTS!  Please review all completed pages sent home



MyPayment Plus closes on Friday, May 19th for any due money.

May 22- PBIS Bash- cancelled!
May 23- 1/2 day of school- Last Day!!!!!!

****The students will receive a "Think Sheet" when they clip down two times in a day.  It is not a consequence.  Its purpose is for the child to reflect upon his/her actions and behaviors.  This will hopefully help the child choose their actions for the rest of the day and be able to clip up due to better choices from reflection time.  The child completes it as soon as he/she clips down the second time.  The only way the child would loose a pull-out or recess from the "Think Sheet" is if he/she did not fill it out during class or took an exceptionally long time to fill it out.  The sheet is made to take about 5 minutes to complete.  The child is to bring it home and get his/her parent to sign it that day.  Not returning the "Think Sheet" signed the next day WILL result in consequence.  Even though the "Think Sheet" is not a consequence, I want the parents/guardians to be able to see what happened on that day. 

Let's have a GREAT year!  We are all in this together!!!!

Third grade grading policy can be found on the left of the screen, titled, GRADING POLICY.


x0- 0 is the HERO!

x1- any number x1, the other number is the answer

x2, double the other number, count by 2s

x5, count by 5s

x10, bring down the other number and add a 0

x11, scratch it out, scratch it out

x12, use the 11's to find the 12s by adding another group to the 11s

3x4, 12 knocks on the door

6x7, rings for you, put them on, 42!

8x8 clips fell on the floor, pick them up, 64!

3x3, 9 scrapes on my knee

x9, tuck that finger in (of the other number), how many to the left of the tucked finger? How many to the right of the tucked finger?

3x6, pick up 18 sticks

3x7, 21 angels in heaven

3x8, 24 flies on my plate

4x4, 16 times I snore!

4x7, 28 spiders are webbin'

6x6, 36 lollipop licks

4x6, count 24 kicks!

7x8, dollars in a row, 56 is a lot of dough!

4x8, 32 birds on the gate!

6x8, fishin' bait, How many worms? 48!

Parents, if you would like information about the curriculum, please visit, then click PARENTS, then click CURRICULUM.




I have access code information under the "LINKS" category of my webpage for online textbook access!!!!!!!!!  Click the pearson link then enter the access code that is found in the information above the link.
My email is if you would like to get in touch with me.