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Important Dates:

Monday- May 15th- 4-7 Awards Night

Monday- May 22nd- PBIS Bash

Monday- May 22nd- 8th grade night

                                                                        Reading with ACHIEVE 3000

Achieve 3000 is a program that we are using (in the parish) as a reading intervention, each student is required to complete 3 lessons a week. This will be averaged for their weekly Reading grade.  The students will also be required to complete one thought question a week for their weekly writing grade.  If your child is absent please allow them to complete this assignment at home.  Each student will be given an article on their reading lexile level. 

We are able to review the article on Tuesday and complete the lessons on Thursdays in the computer lab.  Please encourage your children to do their best.   

Students have the opportunity to work on Achieve 3000 at home if they do not complete in class; however, they need to complete the lesson on their own in order for it to count as a grade and have it completed by each Friday.