Welcome to our fascinating world of ECSE!

Welcome to our class family. 

Miss Sonya and I are looking forward to having you in our class.

                       School hours are from 8-3:01.                           Please do not drop off students before 7:30 am. 

If your child is a car rider, you will drop them off and pick them up at the back parking lot by our classroom and the playground.  Our Sped busses will also drop off and pick up in this same area. If your child is a half day student, we will meet you at the back as well.  Thanks! 

When your child comes to school late, please get a tardy slip
from the office. Also, if you are picking your child up from school earlier than their regular time, please get a pass from the office and then walk down to the classroom to pick your child up and check them out. Thanks! 
This will be a fun and exciting year. 
 We want every child to feel special and loved. 
Thanks for sharing your children with us.

We will meet new friends, learn how to listen,
follow directions, share, be kind to others,
use helping hands,
use our big voice (words) to express our feelings,
walk in a line,
sing new songs,
travel and clean up in centers.  

Our children love having breakfast and lunch with you. 
Please let us know when you can come share
this special time with your child. 

Ask your child about Number Bear.  We meet with Number Bear daily.  We are learning to count balloons, flowers, pockets, buttons, and things in his back pack in English and Spanish. We also talk about the calendar, months of the year, and days of the week.  We are learning to use sign language to say
the days of the week when we sing. 

Be sure to check out the Links page.  There are many great sites
including some great resources from our public library.
Playground Safety Tips
Please keep rocks on the ground.  Throwing rocks
can be dangerous and hurt others. Thanks!
     When playing on a slide, always go up the steps and          
sit flat on your bottom to slide down the slide.  Thanks!

                    Please keep your eyes open for Box Tops.                    Please put them in a zip-lock bag and send them in your child's folder.  The money that our class earns from this will allow us to purchase items for our classroom.  Awesome!

Please be sure we have a complete change of clothes,
labeled with your child's name on them,
in case of an accident.  As the weather changes,
we will need cooler/warmer clothes.  Please make sure
to write his or her name inside their jacket.

Please check your child's folder daily for notes.  
Please sign and return information in the folder. 
Please take out all old information that needs to stay at home.  Thanks!

 When your child misses school, please send in a
doctor's excuse or a note.  Thanks!

Please support our PTA.  Their support helps our children,
classrooms, and school get much needed supplies,
equipment and books to help our children learn.

Please develop a bed time routine for your child so they will be well rested and ready for all the exciting things they are going to learn during the day!  Thanks!


Check out the public library this year.
They have great programs and it's free. Please read to your child daily.  This is a great opportunity
to spend quality time with your child.  Take a picture walk through the book. Talk about what you see and have your child talk about what they see.  This helps increase their vocabulary
 and helps them make new connections.


Florida Avenue Elementary Families
Thanks for all you do for our school,
our community and our world!

Together We Can Make A Difference!