***Parents interims are going home today (Wednesday November 30th).  If your child is missing an assignment they are allowed to turn it in late for partial credit.  If they have a failing grade for any of the writing assignments they are allowed to correct their mistakes and turn back in for half credit back.  If they have a failing test grade (D or F) then I do allow them to do test corrections in class for half credit back.  If they have a failing quiz (D or F) then they are allowed to write the word and definition for all of the vocabulary words five times each.  This is to help them pull up there grade because I do not give "extra credit" assignments.  I want them to learn from their mistakes and correct what it is that they did wrong or turn in the work that they are missing.***

A Note About JPAMS…


Your child’s first grades are going into JPAMS, and I wanted to make you aware of something. If you ever see an “X” marked as your child’s grade, it averages as an F, but could be for one of two reasons:

  1. Your child missed the test/quiz that day and needs to make it up. (Remember, only 1 week for make-ups. Otherwise, the X/F stands.)
  2. Your child didn’t turn something in.

This is your way of distinguishing between a true F (because of lack of studying/preparation or lack of understanding of material) or an X/F (because of the need to/failure to make up work or failure to turn something in).

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Welcome to Ms. Dysart's Class!

         I am so excited for this school year!!!  I will be teaching your child 6th grade science and social studies.  I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child better as the year unfolds.  My goal for the year will be to instill the desire within your child to be a life-long learner, which emerges from a love of learning.  I believe that learning can and should be challenging and fun!  I will be teaching your child academic and life skills.  Throughout the course of the year, the student will have many opportunities to work together, think together, and communicate about what they are learning.  Through a hands-on approach, they will problem solve and be challenged to really think things out.  You can assist in your child's learning by reviewing with them what they are leaning and by encouraging them to practice their new skills. 

         Please use the tabs to find helpful information about my classroom.  Under the "Documents and Files" tab, you will find things such as study guides, notes, assignments, instruction for projects, and other paper I hand out in class.  Under the "Weekly Agenda" tab, you will find a schedule of what goes on in my class on a daily basis.  

         Feel free to contact me by email ( or by school phone (985-643-1605) at any time with any questions or concerns.