Monday, May 15, 2017
    Mrs. Cordoba and Mrs. Strain would like to thank all of the students and parents for all of the sweet gifts, treats, and cards that were given to us last week for teacher appreciation week. You made us feel so special! (We will have to spend some extra time in the gym working off the sweets- but totally worth it :) ) 
   This is our FINAL FULL WEEK OF THIRD GRADE!!!! Can you believe it? We hope you're ready for summer! I know the kids are! 
   Before we go, just a reminder- we are still learning in school this week- so students will still need their backpacks through Friday. 
   We will have class awards on Thursday, May 18th, from 1:00-2:00pm. Just as the previous years, each student will receive a "fun award" from their teacher based on their classroom personality. In addition, we are also hoping to order pizzas for the class. To do so, we are asking that each student bring in $2 BEFORE WEDNESDAY. 
    Also, some students are still missing library books and school textbooks. Those must be returned this week. Please check with your child and make sure they are not missing any books. 
    Cafeteria and other fees (before and after-care) must also be paid in addition. :) 

     Thanks for all that you do! 5 and a half more days!!!

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Dear Parents-               

   As we are now well into our 2nd nine weeks, the students have been working hard learning their multiplication and division facts. We have initially learned our facts through the use of models such as equal groups, arrays, number lines, repeated addition, and repeated subtraction. We will continue to use these models to show our understanding of these skills. HOWEVER, fact fluency is a MAJOR part of your child's success in 3rd grade and for all the years to follow.


   You can pick up a set (or more) of multiplication and division flash cards from the Dollar Store, or you can make some with your child! Practice with the cards as often as you can. Make it a fun challenge! Hang the cards they have the most trouble with around the house to let them see it every day. Quiz them when you are in the car, taking a walk, or watching TV. You will be amazed at how much they will learn from these simple steps!

Thanks for all that you already do! Keep it up! It's working!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!!!!!!!!

   I am so excited to be your new teacher! We have so much to learn and do this year; I hope you're ready! 
   Please make sure that you have all of your supplies turned into school by Wednesday. If you can't find an item that is on the list, let me know and maybe I can help you find a place. 
   Parents- your child will be coming home on the first night of school with a purple folder of paperwork. Please make sure to fill out ALL forms that apply to your student, and return them to school as soon as possible. I will also be sending home a packet of classroom information that will explain rules and procedures used in our classroom, hall, and school. Please read through it with your child. 
   Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all. I am looking forward to a successful year with you all. 

    Please check your child's blue folder and homework planner every night. Homework is especially important at this time of year for students to get the extra practice needed to review skills from the classroom. If you should need assistance with anything at all, please let me know. Below is an excellent link to use when helping your child with math homework!


      If your child has missed school recently, and you would like to catch them up with math at home, I am beginning to post the Math Powerpoints on my website. Use this as a guide to help your child. If for some reason I have not uploaded a new presentation, please e-mail and let me know which lesson you need. :0)

       I will also be posting our weekly newsletter. PLEASE read it EVERY WEEK so that you know important dates and assignments. This newsletter also contains your child's weekly spelling and vocabulary lists.