Welcome to 5th Grade

Dear Parents and Students, 


Welcome to 5th grade! I enjoyed meeting so many of you at the Meet and Greet! I am excited about working with you and your child and look forward to a productive and rewarding school year.


Weekly Overview/Daily Agenda: Overviews containing information about what we will learn in school during the upcoming week, as well as important dates and notices, will be sent home. If there are any changes to the dates, they will be written in the daily agenda. Please check the agenda daily.


Grades: Grades will include all assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, homework, and participation. This is a good time to encourage your child to check his/her own grades online. Information on the electronic grade book will be sent home soon.  Also, please make note of the grading scale used in St. Tammany Parish schools:

                                           A    93-100

                                 B    85-92

                                 C    75-84

                                 D    67-74

                                  F     0 – 66


Homework: All assignments are posted on the classroom homework board. Students are responsible for copying assignments into their agendas and returning homework on assigned day. If a student leaves class for band, violin or chorus, the student is responsible for completing missed class work. This will be due the next day.  Students are responsible for missed homework assignments due to absences, as well. Homework is assigned to reinforce what was learned in the classroom. It aids in teaching responsibility, reinforcing skills and concepts learned, and developing positive study habits. Students should not spend more than 50 minutes per night on homework (10 minutes per grade level) this will include 20-30 minutes of self-selected reading.  Please let me know if your child is spending an excessive amount of time on daily homework, and we can work on a solution together.


*** They can put a star by the problems or questions they are struggling with and move on to the next one*****


Conferences: Please feel free to contact the school or email to set up a conference as needed.

985-707-5167 Cell Phone Number


Parent Volunteers: We would really love to have parents in the classrooms this year to help with copying, bulletin boards, etc. Please let us know what you can help us with or if you have any special talents you would like to share.