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Welcome to Mr. B's "Math" Class Website!!!

Week of:  April 10 - 13, 2017

Spring Break:  April 14 - 21, 2017

Welcome to the 4th grade!
I know this will be a GREAT year
for the 4th grade students!
They will learn a lot of new material,
as well as learning
to become more and more
responsible, respectful, and organized!

This year, the 4th grade students
will have 3 teachers!
The children will come to Mr. B
 to learn "Math."
They will go to Ms. Sims
to learn "Language Arts," 
and Mrs. Vicknair
for "Science" and "Social Studies."

 This Can and Will be a Wonderful Year
 if You Try Your Best!

You can email Mr. B at...

Try your very best to be a good student
     both academically and behaviorally,... 
and maybe...  you will be chosen...
as a "Student of the Month!!!



Please read some of my helpful tips and hints on
the "
Homework" link.


Our Weekly Math Lessons:

This week, we will be working on...
Continuing Our Unit on Geometry by:
Classifying and Drawing Angles,
and Measuring Angles with Protractors.


Our  Weekly  Testing  Information

Our weekly Math Tests may fall on any day of the week,
but will "usually" not fall on a Monday. 
It will depend upon when we complete 
each particular Math skill.
The children will know ahead of time.