Unit 10 - I Know A Lot


New letters will appear here as they are introduced at school. Please identify the letter name and the sound of the letter.

Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp,Tt, Ii, Nn, Cc, Oo, Ff, Hh, Dd, Rr, Ee, Bb, Ll, Kk, Uu, Gg, Ww, Xx, Vv, Jj, Qq, Yy, Zz


New words will appear here as they are introduced at school. Please read these words at home.

I, can, red, yellow, you, orange, we, blue, the, green, like, purple, a, one, two, see. brown, go, black, to, four, have, three, yes, no, girl, boy, cat, dog, good, will, is, play, are, for, you this, do, and, what, little, said, here, was he, she, has, look, with, me, my, where, that, they, want, make, all, come, white, pink

Shared Literature

The students will listen to various fiction and non-fiction books, poems, folk tales and fairy tales.  The students will retell the sequence of events in stories, identify the main idea and details in text and identify the characters and the setting. 
Response To Literature
The students will independently produce two or more simple sentences that demonstrate an understanding of the text that we read in class.

The students will practice using reading strategies to read simple texts with purpose and understanding. 
Reading Strategies:
1. Get you lips ready to make the first sound.
2. S-t-r-e-t-c-h out the word.
3. Look at the picture for clues.
4. Skip the word, then go back and read it.
5. Try to reread the sentence.
The students will write addition and subtraction sentences.