Week of May 8th

Ship Shape Spelling

careful, cheerful, helpful, colorful, harmful, peaceful, pitiful, painless, priceless, helpless,

sleepless, rainless, helplessly, carefully, peacefully, doctor, dollar, December, wonderful,


Test on Thursday

Vocabulary Chapters  16-20 Because of Winn Dixie

  1. Enlisted: to join the armed forces

  2. Vermin: objectable animals like fleas, lice.

  3. Yankees: people that live in the northern part of the US

  4. Typhoid fever: disease of high fever, stomach upset

  5. Ingredients: one of the parts of a mixture

  6. Nudged: to touch or push gently

  7. Sorrowful: to feel sad

  8. Manufactured: to make by hand or machine

  9. Melancholy: sadness, depression

  10. Aching: to be in pain

  11. Peculiar: odd, different

  12. Lozenge: candy



Important information:

Math test on Friday

Vocabulary test on Thursday

Social Studies - La Dalilies test on Friday

Spelling test on Thursday

Cold read test Friday with a writing prompt

Science test on Friday

Pull out Schedule

Monday - Library

Tuesday - Computer

Wednesday - P.E.

Thursday - Music and Art

Friday - Band

Here is the link for you to see the daily-schedule1.xlsx for the classroom.