We are in need of crayons.
Please send in an 8 pack of REGULAR size crayons (NOT LARGE OR JUMBO).

Our 100th day of school is quickly approaching. Please send the requested items as soon as possible so I can plan our activities accordingly. Thank you!


Unit: Neighborhoods

We will review letters Hh, Dd and Rr. We will practice blending words from the -an and -ad families.
Our reading comprehension focus is retelling. Writing will focus on editing sentences to include correct capitalization and punctuation.

In math, we will continue working on composing and decomposing numbers. We will also practice identifying and writing numbers to 20.

Character Lessons: Tattling vs. Telling


Upcoming Events:
2/27- 3/3: Mardi Gras Holiday

Please check the website frequently for updates, special announcements, and event listings.