Do you find yourself forgetting when class homework, projects, or other assignments are due? If so, sign up for announcements through!
All you have to do is text
@ARTIin101 to the number 81010 and you will receive a text when I send out a reminder to the class.
Parents can sign up too!

If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @ARTIin101 to (985) 235-1013


WEDNESDAY morning in 101 before school from 6:55-7:20
I am usually on campus every morning before school and I’m available for help/extended time, but I’m committed to being there every Wednesday for certain.

Students have 2 days to turn in an absence excuse to office
Late work will be accepted if absence is excused, and 4 points/day will be deducted if unexcused.
Days absent = number of days to turn in missed work
After one week, late work will not be accepted and the grade will remain a ZERO.

NOTE: If a student is physically present in class the day an assignment is due and does not turn in the assignment, then the maximum amount of points that the student will be able to receive is 70% once the assignment is turned in.

Ø If you are absent the day before a quiz/test: you will still be held responsible for the material on the test and will be required to take the test. **New material will not be covered the day before

Ø If you are absent test day: you will be required to make up with test within one week or the grade will remain a zero.

o If a student actively participates in class and is unsatisfied with a project grade, the student may come to class in the morning before school and continue to work on the project to improve their grade.

***Students will not be allowed to re-submit an assignment if they are not participating when the assignment is being worked on during class time (i.e. goofing off/excessive talking/sleeping/working on something for another class)

Please pay class fees as soon as possible. It is $10.00 per semester.
You can send cash, a check (made out to FHS), or pay online: