FISH is what we call our four school wide expectations. There are four main principles

highlighted in FISH! These are the ingredients that make the World Famous Pike Place

Fish Market an engaging environment for workers and customers alike. It is this philosophy

that inspires Honey Island Elementary’s Positive Behavior Support System (PBS).

For more information on FISH visit their web site at http://www.charthouse.com/


FISH: Our four school expectations are:


It is about being totally focused on the moment and on the person or task with which you

are engaged. When we are fully present with each other, we listen deeply and important

opportunities do not escape us.



It is about accepting full responsibility for all of our choices, especially our attitude at school. A positive attitude is a decision we make, moment to moment.



It is about doing something special for students and co-workers. When you make someone’s day, you have given them a special gift they won’t soon forget. It feels good to give it.

Example: Donate canned goods for our Honey Islandfood drive.


It is about having fun, enjoying learning, being spontaneous, and creative. Life is too short to be grumpy all the time and FISH! brings a smile to everyone.


Please review these with your children. Children should know them and live them each day.