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Every month I hold a Community Meeting for Parents in the 5 Military Road area public school, 

Cypress Cove Elementary through Northshore High. These are held in a central location, the Boyet

Jr. High Cafeteria. (Dates can change, if there is a conflict with school events.)

These are informal discussions of current issues in our schools. Parents are welcome to bring

up topics that are of concern and to get their questions answered. We cover topics from the

state level, the parish level, and the local school level. If you have a topic, please email or call

ahead of time, in case we need to research the topic. School Board Member Robin Mullett often

co-hosts these meetings with me. If you need, feel free to bring your children. Their input is very


Thank you all,

Mary K.

Mary K. Bellisario

District 15

St. Tammany Parish School Board


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