Volunteer Information

Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions.
  1. Who do I contact if I would like to volunteer?
  2. Where do we log in our volunteer hours?
  3. What counts for volunteer hours?
  4. Why do we count volunteer hours?

Who do I contact if I would like to volunteer?

We would love to have you volunteer with our students and
teachers at Honey Island. Feel free to send an email to

Thank you for your willingness to be involved in your child's
education by providing your time and talents!
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Where do we log in our volunteer hours?

You may sign in the Volunteer Log book at the front office,
return the Volunteer Log sheet from the newsletter or send an email with
your monthly total to HoneyIslandPTA@yahoo.com (click the icon on our
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What counts for volunteer hours?

1. Formal and informal PTA planning/organization time: officer
activities,committee member activities; all planning, organizing and
discussing PTA work.
2. Attendance at all PTA board and general meetings, Volunteer
teas, etc.
3. Parent supervision of student�s homework counts as �volunteer
4. Driving students to extracurricular activities and chaperoning
5. Chaperoning any school-sponsored activities, field trips,
6. Any participation in Parent/Teacher conferences, IEP
7. Parents providing time anywhere on campus � working in the
office or library, helping in the classroom, tutoring, helping with
talent shows, working concession stands, taking tickets, belonging to Band
Boosters, Athletic Boosters, etc.
8. Involvement in any on-school, or school-sponsored, activity in
which parents participate, attend, or supervise.
9. At lower elem. level, participation in Reading or Math nights
at school.
10. Serving as playground or lunchroom monitors (unpaid).
11. Telephoning, working on phone trees, planning sessions at
12. E-mailing from home, planning activities, etc.
13. Setting up and maintaining websites.
14. Baking, making decorations or favors at home.
15. Driving to retail store and time spent shopping for such
16. Student volunteer hours after school, in the classroom,
helping a teacher.
17. Student volunteer hours tutoring others, if after school,
even if part of Beta, National Honor Society or other organization that
requires volunteer hours.
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Why do we count volunteer hours?

SACS (Southern Accreditation for Colleges and Schools)
Accreditation teams for both the individual school, and the entire district, look
carefully at documented volunteer hours.

Potential candidates for the PTA �School of Excellence� award
must have documented hours.

National and State PTA look at individual school volunteer hours.

Parental pride at the school level in the number of volunteer
hours accumulated.

The St. Tammany Parish School System computes a dollar amount of
all schools volunteer hours ($3,446,019.50 for 2003-2004) and
recognizes the District PTA each fall for this service.
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