Box Tops


The Honey Island PTA is now collecting Box Tops for Education found on all General Mills
products. The homeroom class in each grade which collects the most (with a minimum of 100)
will receive a special treat. Start the school year off right by clipping those labels and sending
them it to your child's
homeroom teacher!

As you know, school budgets are tighter than ever before, and as we try to find innovative ways to help our schools, one answer comes to mind-Box Tops for Education. Box Tops for Education is an easy way for you to help make a difference in our school by doing things you do everyday. Through Box Tops you can earn cash for our school by buying groceries, shopping online, or making
purchases with a credit card. Best of all, our school receives cash to use on whatever we need most...up to $60,000 each year!

Making A Difference Has Never Been So Easy!

There are three ways to help:

CLIP--The Original Box Tops--Clip Box Tops for Education coupons from hundreds
of General Mills products. Just look for the Box Tops coupon on the package
so you know it is a participating brand. Each Box Tops coupon is worth 10
cents when our school redeems them...up to $20,000 per school year.

SHOP--The Box Tops for Education Marketplace--Shop online at the Box Tops for
Education Marketplace. Go to and make purchases at more
than 100 quality online stores. Up to 10% of each qualifying purchase will be
donated to our school...up to $20,000 per school year.

CHARGE--The Box Tops for Education Visa Card--Charge with the Box Tops for
Education Visa Card. There is no annual fee and a low APR. Use your Box Tops
Visa Card at more than 20 million locations worldwide and a full 1% of your
purchases will be donated to our school...up to $20,000 per school year.

With your help, we can make this our best year. Do not toss your packages into the garbage until you check them. It takes so little effort to just tear off the label and put it in your child's backpack. Please help make a difference in our school, every dollar counts these days.