About the Teacher

NAME: Antoinette Edwards

SCHOOL: Judson Fundamental Elementary Magnet

CLASS: 4th Grade Language Arts

SCHOOL PHONE: 318 635 1132

NBCT, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science

As an educator, I have worked in Caddo Public Schools for 18 years, all of 
them at Judson. Before moving back to Louisiana, I worked in Omaha, Nebraska 
Public Schools and with the Department of Defense Schools in Alconbury, 
England. I also taught for the United States Air Force, teaching resume 
writing and job search skills to retiring and departing military members. My 
proudest professional accomplishment was to receive National Board 
Certification on my first try in 2006. Currently, I am the only National 
Board Certified Teacher at Judson. Another accomplishment was to receive my 
Master's Degree from Centenary College in 2005. Mississippi Valley State 
University is where I matriculated and received my Bachelor of Science Degree.

I have been married to Retired Major Thomas E. Edwards for 34 years and we 
are the proud parents of two sons, Michael and Marcus. Both my husband and I 
are educators. 
My mission encompasses the mission and vision of our parish and our school; 
*To provide a wholesome and stimulating environment to enhance learning of 
the whole child.
*To  establish a cooperative classroom community as a gateway for students to 
excel in all subjects
* To develop productive learners to contribute in an ever evolving society.