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A single act of kindness throws out roots
in all directions, and the roots spring up and
make new trees.

Please click on the left to see the overview for this week.  It has many important
things for you to see.

Important Dates:

May 17     Awards at 8:30 for those receiving awards

May 18           4th gr picnic

May 22           Market Day at 12:30

May 23           ½ day for students!

I am available to conference with any parent
at 7:30 each morning of the school week or any day
directly after the school bell rings.  On Thursdays I
have duty until 3:30, so I will not be able to meet until
that time.  Please send me a note one or two days
ahead of time so that I can schedule the conference.
Thanks for your help with this.
                          Ms. B

Link to Spelling words for the Year


Great Math Websites to Practice for testing and homework practice!!!

interactive math practice




(This website has videos and practice

aligned to common core for each standard we study)


Positive Student of the Month ---- August: Rebecca

Positive Student of the Month----September: Whitney

Positive Student of the Month----October:  Shreeya

Positive Student of the Month----November:  Daniela

Positive Student of the Month----December: Colin

Positive Student of the Month----January:  Jacob

Positive Student of the Month----February:  Lindsey

Positive Student of the Month----March: Lainey

Positive Student of the Month----April: Olivia

Two Website Games to Practice Latitude and Longitude:
Go Ahead!!!  Have fun!!!


Pirate Treasure Map!


Escape From Barter Island!
See if you can escape the island by bartering the
 right amount of goods...

(Just highlight this website below and paste in the address bar at the top of the page to play the game)



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