December 1 - 5

Dear Parents,

      Our theme for this week is “Kids Around the World”. We will be learning how children in different parts of the world celebrate the holiday season, and we will be locating where they live on a map.

      We will begin having a bonus spelling word each week. This is completely optional- students do not have to learn this word, but I encourage students that breeze through their spelling tests each week to learn it. If the student gets the word correct, they get 5 bonus points… if they get it wrong or do not even try, it will not affect their grade- no points will be taken off. This is merely to challenge some students, but not meant to discourage to others.

     We will also begin having a dictation sentence on our spelling tests. I will say a sentence using spelling words from this week and sometimes previous weeks, and the students will write the sentence. It will be graded on spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

      Please assist your child with his/her homework, and read together for at least 10 minutes each night.Thanks!

Target Skills:

Kids Can Help”’; Comprehension: compare/contrast

: Long A; S blends: sn-, st-, sm-, sc-, sp-, sw-, sl-, sn-

Language: Present tense verbs

Math: Comparing numbers

Upcoming Events

December 1st: Pizza Hut Book It Calendars Due

December 3rd: Book orders due for Christmas party


Vocabulary Words 

boy  girl  people  when  together

slip  smell   water   swish  care


Spelling Words

sled   slip  spill  spin   snap

snake  make   game  people  water

Bonus: December