May 16 - 23






-Book Report Day!

Bring your favorite book (or you can use a book we have read in class) to do a book report (in class) and we will share with the class

-Show and Tell Day!

Bring something special and small (and not irreplaceable) to share with the class

-Puzzles and Coloring Book Day!

Bring puzzles and coloring books to share throughout the day (must fit in your book bag)

-Board Game Day!

Bring a board game (that can fit in your book bag and that you can explain to your friends how to play)

-Lego Day!

Bring a lego set! (in a box or bag)




-Movie Day!

1/2 Day!!

12:01 dismissal

Have a great Summer!!


Dear Parents,

      We will be reviewing words and skills all week. Since this is the last full week of school, we will be having different activities in the afternoon (see above schedule). Students can bring these things on assigned days, but they must fit in their school bag.

I am sending home several ideas for you to use with your child this summer. Please, please, please challenge him/her all summer with reading, writing, and math activities. Read to them, have them read to you, and ask them questions about the story as you read. It really helps if they read and write about things that they are interested in. Have them write in a summer journal. Have them solve math problems about things they are eating, playing with, etc… The reading program at the Lee Road library would be a great way to encourage your child to read throughout the summer, and if you go to story time you might see me there! Have a great summer!!!!! I look forward to seeing my students as they grow and flourish here at Lee Road!

Upcoming Events

May 20th: Last day of school!! (1/2 day: 12:01 dismissal)


Mrs. Savarese’s Wish List


Small toys or candy for treasure box


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