September 19-23







-Review spelling & vocabulary words

-Homework sheet

-Review spelling & vocabulary words

- Homework sheet

-Review spelling & vocabulary words

- Homework sheet

-Review spelling & vocabulary words

- Homework sheet

Spelling and Vocabulary tests today!

Vocabulary words

very  help  use  now  hand

Frank   kick  quick  land   game

Spelling words

land   fast  sent   trip  help

sand   west  grass  sink  very

Dear Parents,

We will finish our apple unit this week. Thank you so much to those that sent in apples! The kids loved tasting different types, and we even have some left to make applesauce this week!

We hope to see you at family breakfast this Thursday! Remember to check in at the office on your way to the cafeteria. The children will sing a song for you, eat with you (save them a seat), and then you will come to the classroom to do an activity together.

Please assist your child with his/her homework, and read together for at least 10 minutes each night. Thanks!


Target Skills:
"Soccer"; Author's purpose
Phonics: Short I; Final blends: -nd, -st, -nt, -nk; Rhyming words
: Writing complete sentences; Questions & Exclamations
Math: Subtraction

Upcoming Events 

September 22nd: 1st Grade Family Breakfast 8:15am

September 27th: PTA Cake Bingo

September 30th: Fair Day- No School

Mrs. Savarese’s Wish List

Items for Saints basket

Washable Markers

Hand soap

White cardstock

Hand soap

Small toys/candy for treasure box

Band aides


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