September 2 - 5

Dear Parents,

     This week our theme is “Ready, Set, Move”. We will be learning about how to stay healthy by exercising, eating healthy, and we will also be discussing germs.

     Reminder: Students can bring a snack to eat in the lunchroom after their lunch. Students can bring a water bottle to keep at their desk if it has a spill proof lid. Only water, please… no sport drinks, etc. Students may also keep a light jacket or sweater in class for if they get cold.

     Please assist your child with his/her homework, and read together for at least 10 minutes each night. Thanks!

Target Skills: 
   Reading: “I Can, Can You?”; Sequence of Events
   Phonics: Short A; Phonograms: -ad, -ap, -ack
Language: Writing complete sentences: Starting with capital letter, space between words, ending mark.
Math: Showing numbers with two or more parts; Part/Part/Whole; addition

Upcoming Events

September 5th: Scholastic Book Orders due
September 9th: PTA Meeting 6:30
September 18th: School Pictures for 1st grade

 Mrs. Savarese’s Wish List
Expo Markers
Pencil Top Erasers
Cleaning Wipes
Any Size Ziplock Bags
Band Aides

Vocabulary Words
too  it  yes  over  what
do  tap  you  back  fast

Spelling Words
dad  sad  nap  tap  back
man  mat  too  over  sack