February 2 - 6

Dear Parents,

      Our theme for this week is “Recycling”. We will be learning about how to reuse useful things instead of throwing them away.

      February is Dental Health Month. We will be exploring ways to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Dr. Spell will be coming to speak with us soon and he will announce the winner of the poster contest!

      Please assist your child with his/her homework, and read together for at least 20 minutes each night. Don’t forget to write it on your Book It calendar!

Target Skills:
Reading: “June Robot Cleans Up”; Drawing Conclusions; Context Clues
Phonics: Long U; Phonograms: -une, -ute, -ule; Magic E
Language: Using has & have
: Telling Time to the hour and half hour

Upcoming Events 

February 13th: Valentine Exchange

February 13th: School wide Mardi Gras Parade 1:30

 Mrs. Savarese’s Wish List

-Small toys or wrapped candy for our treasure box

-Germ X

-Clorox wipes


Vocabulary Words

work  after  old  find  new

done  tune  use  things  terrific

recycling  sort   plastic


Spelling Words

use  June  tune  flute  cute

mule   woke  nose  done   after

Bonus: terrific