Nov.28 - Dec. 2







-Review spelling & vocabulary words

-Homework sheet

-Review spelling & vocabulary words

-Homework sheet

-Review spelling & vocabulary words

-Reading homework due tomorrow!

- Homework sheet

-Review spelling & vocabulary words

-Homework sheet

-Vocabulary & Spelling Tests Today!

Vocabulary words

boy  girl  people  when  together

slip  smell  water  swish  care

Spelling words

sled   slip  spill  spin  snap

snake  make  game   people   water

Bonus: December

Dear Parents,

Our theme for this week is “Kids Around the World”. We will be learning how children in different parts of the world celebrate the holiday season, and we will be locating where they live on a map.

We will begin having a bonus word for spelling. It will be worth 5 bonus points, but will not count against them if the student gets it wrong or doesn’t try it. It is only meant to challenge advanced students. If your child is struggling with spelling, please do not worry about learning the bonus word.

Please assist your child with his/her homework, and read together for at least 15 minutes each night.

Target Skills:

Target Skills:

Reading: “Kids Can Help”’; Comprehension: compare/contrast

Writing: Personal Narrative: “How I help my Family”

Phonics: Long A; S blends: sn-, st-, sm-, sc-, sp-, sw-, sl-, sn-

Language: Present tense verbs

Math: Adding in any order; Adding 3 addends

Upcoming Events

December 1st: Pizza Hut November Book It Calendars Due

Nov. 28-Dec. 19: Can food drive for food bank

Military supplies due by Dec. 9th

Dec. 5th: Santa Breakfast 7:15am

Dec. 16th: K-2nd Primary Christmas Program 9:00am

Mrs. Savarese’s Wish List

Old Magazines

Washable Markers 

White cardstock 

Small toys/candy for treasure box

Band aides

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