August 22 - 26







-Review spelling & vocabulary words

-Homework sheet

-Review spelling & vocabulary words

-No homework- Open House!!

-Review spelling & vocabulary words

-Homework sheet

-Review spelling & vocabulary words

-Homework sheet

-Vocabulary & Spelling Tests Today

-Have a great weekend!

Vocabulary words

jump  not   up  down  play

ran  Pam  with  fly   and

Spelling words

cat  mat   hat  up

man   can  ran   down

Dear Parents,

This week our theme is “We Are Special”. We will continue to discuss how wonderful it is that we are each good at different things, and unique in our own ways.

We will begin our new reading series this week. The students are so excited to get their textbooks! We will also begin having spelling words, but they will not be counted as a grade until next 9 weeks. Spelling tests will be on Fridays, along with our Vocabulary test.

My regular homework will begin this week. Each night (Mon-Thurs) your child will have one sheet to complete which consists of spelling, math and writing. This sheet is due the next day. In addition to that, your child will be given a reading story on Monday to read throughout the week. This is the main story we read throughout the week in our reading textbooks in class, and is great practice for those vocabulary words. In a few weeks, this story will have questions to answer, and it will be due on Thursday (giving him/her 3 nights to complete).

Please assist your child with his/her homework, and read together for at least 10 minutes each night.

Target Skills:

Reading: "Pam and Sam", Characters & Setting

Phonics: Short A; Phonograms: -at, -an, -am; Plural words ending with -s

Language: Writing complete sentences: Starting with capital letter, space between words, ending mark.

Math: Addition to 10.

Upcoming Events 

August 23rd: Open House 

August 30th: PTA Meeting 6:30 in Gym 

September 5th: No School- Labor Day

Mrs. Savarese’s Wish List

Washable Markers

Band Aides

School Website:

My Website:

My e-mail:

Mrs. Savarese’s

First Grade Procedures

Daily Take Home Folder: Every day I will be sending home your child’s purple folder. This folder will contain your child’s papers for you to keep, along with homework assignments & notices for you or your child to complete and return. You may also send any notes to me in this folder, for I will be checking it each morning. I have placed a clear pocket for small notes and money so I can see it easily and it has less of a chance of falling out.

“The Weekly Catch”: Each Monday I will be sending home a memo in your child’s daily take home folder with the skills we will be working on, homework assignments, important dates, and any other information you will need to know about our class and the school. Please look through your child’s folder each day and remove all papers. If you lose your memo, feel free to ask me to send home another. You could also check my website through the school site (, which I update weekly with all of this information.

Homework: All homework assignments will be found in your child’s daily take home folder. I believe it is very important for parents to be involved in their child’s learning process, and homework helps reinforce what the children learn in class. I also feel that homework for a first grader should not take longer than 10-15 minutes to complete. Please speak with me if your child is taking longer than that to finish each night.

Grades: Your child will not be graded on academic subjects the first nine week period. However, your child will be evaluated on his/her behavior, social skills, and management skills.

Lunch Money: Lunch money should be paid by the week or month. Please send it to school in the daily take home folder on Mondays in an envelope with your child’s name on it. You may also pay lunch money through My Payments Plus. You can find it through this website: If you ever wish to eat lunch with your child, we leave the classroom around 10:45. Just sign in at the office first, and meet us in the hall. You don’t need to let me know if you are coming. There is a special table in the cafeteria that students may sit with parents while eating lunch. Student friends are not allowed to sit unless he/she has a written note from his/her parent.

Lunch & Recess: Toys are not allowed at recess. The only thing students may bring to recess is a ball that is soft- no baseballs or footballs allowed. Parents are not allowed to go to recess with their child after eating lunch with them. If a student brings a snack, it may be eaten in the cafeteria after eating lunch, but may not be taken to the playground. First grade does not have a snack time in the afternoon like Kindergarten does. I do give out a small snack in the afternoon the first few weeks of school until the children get use to the routine.

Behavior Management: I feel that behavior management is essential to a happy and positive learning environment in the classroom. Our classroom rules are simple:

Be kind, Listen, Be safe. Everyone will start with a clip on my white poster each morning, and will move their clip to another color each time the student misbehaves. Your child can earn his/her clip back to white with improved behavior during the day. The students can also earn their clip to purple for being extra kind/responsible/or working extra hard. Here are the color meanings:

Purple: Student did something extra special!!!

White: Great job! On task and following directions!

Green: Warning- Make better choices!

Yellow: Miss 5 minutes of recess

Red: Stop! Miss 10 minutes of recess & note or phone call home to parents

I will write in the student take home folder each day on the behavior calendar to let parents know what color your child was on at the end of the day. Parents, please initial this calendar daily (in the box), and feel free to use it to write me a note or ask questions about anything at the bottom.

I also have a plan that focuses on Positive Behavior and encourages the child to be responsible for his/her actions. Each time your child uses good manners and/or demonstrates good behavior he/she will receive a “Lee Road Buck”. The students will save their “bucks” to spend on items from my treasure box, or from the school.

Scholastic Book Orders: Each month you will have an opportunity to order books for your child from scholastic. Our class earns free books when you order! Please do not send cash, and make all checks payable to “Scholastic”. Order forms and checks can be returned in the daily take home folder, and are due the Friday of the week received. Online orders are also available.

First Grade Supply List


1 pack 12 x 18 Construction Paper

4 boxes Crayons 24 count

3 bottles 4 oz. Glue

Watercolor Paints

Fiskars Scissors

48 # 2 Pencils (yellow)

2 Large Pink Erasers

Handwriting Tablet - 3/4 ruled

2 Notebooks (marble)


Paper Towels

Zippered Pencil Bag

Plastic Pencil Box

4 Plastic Folders (2 pockets/3 prongs-

green, blue, purple, yellow)

Note: Supplies should be replenished as needed.

Mrs. Savarese’s Wish List

Washable Markers

Ziplock bags (any size)

Thin, white paper plates

Dry erase markers

White paper bags

Hand soap

White cardstock

Hand sanitizer

Clorox or baby wipes

Small toys/candy for treasure box


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School Website:

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