Mini Grant Winners

The Little Oak Middle School PTA recently awarded “mini-grants” to eight LOM teachers. Teachers were awarded up to $500 to help purchase classroom technology and/or resources. Thank you to all of the teachers who competed. Thank you to the PTA committee members. 

Fourth grade teacher, Connie L. Cormier, won for “4th Grade Students Rocking On”, a science program. 

Computer teacher, Christie Walcott, received a grant for "iModel, iMonitor, iRecognize with iPad" which will be used by all LOM students (4th, 5th, and 6th graders) in the computer lab. 

Fourth grade teacher, Stephanie Franzo received a grant for "Math Work Stations". 

Sixth grade teacher, Beth Priestly won for the social study project, "Lifestyles of the Ancient - Let's Play Around With Manipulatives from Ancient Cultures”. 

Fourth grade language teacher, Laura R. King will use "Tablet for Teams”. 

Sixth grade language arts teachers, Susan Carter and Rachael Erminger will have a "Tablet Learning Stations". 

Fifth grade math and science teacher, Deborah Schellinger will implement "Moving to the Outdoors, Singing while We Work" .