Box Tops- Get your kids involved in earning cash for LOM. Clip Box Tops from products and send them to school in a Ziplock bag or on a Box Top form. Visit for more information.

Campbell's Soup Labels- Cut off the labels from your Campbell's soups cans and bring them to school. Look for the Campbell's logo on other products as well, e.g., Prego, Franco American, Swanson Broth, Pepperidge Farm, and V-8. They redeem label points for classroom maps, books, and learning material.

Community Coffee Labels- Clip out the UPC/Proof of Purchase Seal from Community products and send them to school. Community Coffee awards cash for each UPS or Proof of Purchase Seal sent in.

Please write your child's homeroom teacher's name on the ziplock or envelope. Each quarter, the class with the most box tops will receive a reward.