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LOM Toy Drive

In memory of Adelyn Grace. Toys will be delivered to Children's Hospital. Please bring in new, unwrapped toys, puzzles, art supplies, and games. 

LOM Hands-On Museum

            What a great year it has been in the library!  We had tremendous support from you all during the Book Fair for which I am very grateful.  The volunteers for classes and special circumstances are blessings.  I appreciate the time you give to Little Oak Middle School in any facet. 

At this time, I am planning a LOM Hands-On Museum for the library. You may be asking, “What will it look like?” There will be items throughout the room on display for the students to manipulate in hopes to discover their functional purpose. Some examples are rotary dial phone, Walkman with appropriate tape for playing, manual egg beater, jacks, manual drill, and other items not generally accessible for this generation. Also, mystery items for discovery would be really neat. I hope to have the LOM Hands-On Museum up and ready for January 2018 and ending in February.

Finally, if you have an artifact to be used and returned at the close of the museum, please email me at for further details.

Thank you,

Paula Walters

LOM Librarian

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Please complete this form to tag your item.

Student’s name _______________________ Homeroom Teacher______________

Item’s name ________________________________________________________

Explanation of use ___________________________________________________


By signing this form, it is understood this item will be used hands-on and with due diligence returned in its current condition. This time of exploration will be benefitted by your artifact.

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LOM needs volunteers in the office and library. Please contact Michelle at 985-290-6888 if you are interested.

LOM is in need of uniform shorts, shirts, and pants for boys and girls. Please drop them at the office. Thank you!