Please remember to check your child's folder daily for important information 
about upcoming events, paperwork needing parent/guardian signatures, and the 
fabulous artwork that your child created just for you!

Our Easter Egg Hunt is Thursday, April 13 at 10:00. THANK YOU to all of the 
families who sent Easter eggs and candy for our egg hunt!  

We are SO excited to be incubating and hatching chicken eggs in our 
classroom!  We set 18 eggs in an incubator on Thursday, March 23.  The eggs 
typically take 21 days to hatch, which means that our chicks will hopefully 
be hatching on or around April 13.  Please let me know if you have any 
questions about this process and don’t forget to ask your child about them!  
They would love to tell you all that they are learning about chick 
development and the hatching process!


•	4th - Terrific Kid @ 9am. (by invitation only)
•	8th - Field Trip to the Northshore Gym
•	12th - Art Day
•	17th - Pre-K End of the Year Program @ 10am.
•	23rd - Last day/Half day for students; End of the 4th 9 weeks