Week of January  26, 2015

Friday is the fundraiser for Baskets of Hope.

Bring $1 and wear your favorite team shirt

and jeans.

Please replenish pencils and Kleenex for your child as soon as possible.

All students need these two things. Thanks to those of you who have

already brought in supplies.

Congratulations to Aidan, our January Terrific Kid!

computer.jpgTechnology This Week

Interactive Timeline

Computer Lab

#1 Forces and Motion video

#2 Forces and Motion Activities


 Renewable or Non-Renewable Resources

  Energy - Hungry Mice Game

Power-Up Game

Energy - StudyJams Video

Types of Energy Interactive Website

Energy City

Power Proofreading

World Geography Games

Louisiana State Report

Great Math Practice:

Lyon Elementary Third Grade Wiki

Math Brain Teasers

Scholastic Story Starters

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