Week of March 20

 Notes and Reminders

Important March Dates:
23 - Smoothie Day
24 - Report Cards go home
30 - Lemonade sale - this is our last one!
31 - Baton Rouge field trip money and permission slip due

Important April Dates:
4 - Baton Rouge field trip date
5 - PTA Meeting / LEAP Testing Forum for Parents 
14 - 21 Spring / Easter Break

Did You Know...?
Lyon Elementary is a Title I school. Title I is a federal program providing funding to schools to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.

Multiplication Update:

By now students should have ALL facts memorized: 0 - 10.  Students should have quick and accurate recall of these facts.

Parents, please help your child take time each evening to practice the facts he or she does not know. This is the foundational year for learning multiplication, and spending time now learning these facts is essential to your child’s success in math, not only this year but in future years.   There are several great fact fluency websites on the my math webpage for extra practice.

 Check out St.Tammany Parish School System online.

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