Week of November 28

Notes and Reminders: 

  • Progress Reports will be sent home on Thursday, Nov. 17. Please sign and return.

  • Thanksgiving Holidays are next week, Nov. 21-25. I hope you and your families have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Dec. 5 - 9 is Santa's Secret Shop, sponsored by the PTA.  More information coming soon.   
  • Multiplication Update:

    By now students should have these facts memorized: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10. We will be learning the more difficult “hard facts” between now and Christmas. By January, all students should have quick and accurate recall of these facts.

    Parents, please help your child take time each evening to practice the facts he or she does not know. This is the foundational year for learning multiplication, and spending time now learning these facts is essential to your child’s success in math, not only this year but in future years.

     Multiplication “Hard Facts”                      

    Due to knowing the commutative property, students should know that 7x8 is the same as 8x7.  They have already learned most of their facts!











Due to the extremely hot weather, students will be allowed to bring a water bottle to school. Please put your child’s name on his or her water bottle.  Also, a small snack will be allowed after our morning bathroom break at 10:45. Snacks that are easy to eat in class, such as chips, crackers, grapes, or carrots would allow students to continue to work while snacking.  Please do not send candy or any messy or sticky snacks.  

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