Please return Insta-Gator field trip permission forms and money by April 13th.
Insta-Gator field trip is April 25th.

                          Notes from the Teacher:
Welcome back! I would like to encourage all parents to attend the “What Happens 
After Kindergarten?” informational meeting Tuesday at 5:30. Information will be 
given about the 1st Grade and T-1 curriculum. Information will also be given on 
how to help your child this summer be prepared for the next grade level. Student’s 
that are preforming will need to dress in spring time attire. Hope to see many of 
you there! 

                          A Peek At Our Week
*Reading: We are reading Fish Faces and other books about ocean animals. 
Language Arts: We are learning about the letter Vv. Our sight words this week are: 
has and look.
*Math: We will continue practicing addition and subtraction. Students should be 
working towards addition and subtraction fluency to 5. They should also be able to 
count to 100 at this point.  We are also learning about coins and their value.
*Social Living: We are beginning our unit on the ocean. We will be learning about 
ocean life.
*Technology: We are practicing skills taught on the computer, promethean board, 
and I Pod Touches.  We will also be exploring,, and several 
math websites.