Mrs. LeBlanc's Pre-K News

April 24-April 28, 2017

We hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday.  Thanks to all the 
parents that sent in treats for our Spring celebration.  Please continue 
to check your child’s folder daily and be sure to look for notes about 
important end of the  year events that will be taking place. Please remind 
your our child that even though it is spring and school we have 4 ½ weeks 
of school left that school is not over. We have been seeing lots of 
behaviors lately and the upcoming PBIS events are “Roar”  Recess and a 
Beach party, please remind your child to work towards these great rewards.

Upcoming Events
*24th return to school 
*24th -28th Book Fair in Library

*4th Terrific Kid @9 by invitation
*12th Art day
*17th Pre-K end of the Year program Time TBA
*23rd   last day of school ½ day dismissal @ 12:31
No aftercare

Work this week…
* Growth / Change (before / after)
* Review Letter “Xx”
*Sorting (by color, shape and size)
*Blending/ Segment Phonemes/ Rhyming 

Work at home…..
* Write 1st and last name 
*help sort and count socks, silverware, toys, etc
*read a story with your child asking the who, what, when, where, why 
*practice letter sounds

Book of the Week: Curious George plants a tree	
Academic Vocabulary: curious, museum, environment, pollution, exhibit, 
 Questions: Why can it be a good thing to be curious?
            How is reusing different from recycling?
            How is reducing different from recycling?
            Why is it important to take care of our environment?

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