April 3 - 7, 2017

4/5 – Parent Testing Forum 6:00
4/6 – Terrific Kids Breakfast/ CHS Science Day
4/7 – Paws Up Reward/Smoothie Day
4/13 – Field trip $ Due
4/17 – 21 – Spring Break
4/25 – Aquarium Field Trip

1. We will be going to Covington High this Thursday, April 6th. This 
is a free field trip that the Science Department puts on for us. 
The kids will get to participate in all kinds of fun science activities. 
Please return the permission slip signed.
2. Please work with me to keep the kids on track and motivated for this last 
stretch of school. Please keep up with routines, homework, and behavior. 
3. Permission slips for the Aquarium went home last week. The deadline to 
pay is by Thursday, April 13th. The trip is Tuesday, April 25th. 
4. PBIS will have Tutus and Ties Day on Friday, April 7th. Your child will be 
notified if they qualify for the event.

Please visit our class website:

My email address:

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at 892-0869.

The password for the online reader in my links is: F96C3D529C
The students can listen to or read each story at this link.

Josette Carter