Coco's Kids News
                      April 24, 2017

What are we doing this week?
Math: We are learning about the April calendar and the skills related to 
our Everyday Counts calendar.  We are working on teen numbers.  We are 
exploring addition and subtraction by playing games and doing different 
Reading:  Our focus book is “Fish Faces” and we’ll read other ocean books.
Social Studies/Science: We will begin a new unit on ocean creatures.
Technology: We are navigating in Starfall, abcya, using the computers and 
promethean board. We are going to the computer lab on Thursdays.  We are 
learning keyboarding skills in the computer lab and typing sentences. We 
are using iPads in learning stations. 
High Frequency Word: Review all words with a focus on ”has” “look”.
Letter/Phonics: Review all letters with a focus on Vv. We are blending 
words to read.  
Writing: Shared and independent writing.  We are working on writing two to 
three complete sentences and drawing with details.  We are expanding our 
sentences and writing fact sentences too.

Word Bank/Read Nightly
Color & number words can, we the like, a, see, go, to, have, is, me, 
where, play, are, for, you, this, do, and, what, here, was, she, he, with, 
my, she, he, my, with, has, look

*24-28 Book Fair week
*25 Insta-Gator Field Trip
*25 What Happens After Kindergarten?  5:30 
*27 Roar Store

*4 Terrific Kids
*9 PTA meeting 6:30
*12 Cultural Arts Day
*12 Smoothie Due 
*18 Kindergarten Program 
*18 Smoothie Day
*23 Last Day of School Half Day Dismissal 12:31

Notes and Things to Remember:
•Welcome back! I hope everyone had a nice spring break.  I want to thank 
all parents for sending in supplies for our Spring Celebration.  The 
children had a wonderful egg hunt!
•For the “What Happens After Kindergarten” meeting tomorrow night the 
students can wear a spring outfit.
•Volunteers are needed for Art Day on May 12th.  Forms to help will be 
going out soon.
•Dates sometimes change on events etc.  Please watch for any date or time 
•The book fair has some great books for the children. The children can buy 
books for about $5.00 and up.  Please send their money in an envelope with 
their name on it. We need parents to help with the book fair next week.  
•If you are doing any spring cleaning we could use some trinkets for next 
year’s treasure box.  We can use things like McDonald’s toys, party 
favors, dollar store items etc.  Please don’t send in any play guns or 
•End of the year conferences are going well.  
•Please send your child with a snack.  NO NUTS PLEASE!
•If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call 892-0869.