May 15, 2017	             
Dear Parents,       

This is my last newsletter and it is always the most difficult to write.   
At this time of the year I look back and wonder where the year has gone.  
It seems like it was only August when these young children walked in the 
door for the first time.  Oh, how they have grown!  But before I go on I 
need to give you some important information about the week.   

*Make sure all library and class books, lunch money, before and after 
 school care fees are all in. 
*Kindergarten “End of the Year Program” will be on Thursday, May 18 
  at 10:00. Students are to wear their uniforms.
 *Tuesday, May 23 is the last day of school.  Students will be 
  dismissed at 12:31. There is not after school care. Report cards will 
  be mailed home.
*If any day other than the 23rd is your child’s last day please let me 
  know so I can send their supplies home.
*Visit the library over the summer because the children love reading.  
*Check the STPSB web site for information concerning supply list 
 etc. for next year.  Also, check the Lyon web site for information 
 about our school.

     Here are a few personal thoughts I’d like to share.  As I watch my
 “baby” of five get married last month. I was once again reminded how fast 
the time goes by.  It seems like only yesterday I was sitting at my son’s 
kindergarten graduation. It’s hard to believe he’s 27. So, to all of my 
parents enjoy every minute because before you know it they will be grown.  
Now it’s time to say good-bye.  First, I want to thank all the parents for 
their support in their child’s education this year.  You have sent in 
supplies, snacks, done homework, signed folders, gone on field trips, help 
in the classroom, worked on home projects, attended school functions and 
conferences.  Secondly, thank you for allowing me to teach and love your 
child.  It has been an honor and privilege to have taught them and help 
lay their educational foundation.  Thank you also, for the gift of your 
child’s love and laughter that was spread throughout the class. Lastly, my 
wish to all my students, may you find joy and happiness in whatever you do 
in life.

Have a wonderful safe summer!!
Mrs. Coco